Fiberglass Tonneau Cover - Smooth Finish


If you are in the market for a hard one piece truck bed cover, the Yukon Trail fiberglass tonneau cover is loaded with features you want and need. It is the only tonneau on the market that is constructed of hand-laid fiberglass cloth that allows for even thickness and is three times better at holding its shape than chopped fiberglass tonneau covers.

The Yukon Trail fiberglass tonneau features a textured black exterior finish with carpeted interior that offers a great look and added protection for your cargo. The Yukon Trail hinged truck bed cover offers easy bed access and can be removed in under a minute. At under 60 lbs, using the integrated grab handles one person can easily remove the truck lid for full bed access. The Yukon Trail hinging cover's fiberglass construction is stronger than ABS materials and is guaranteed not to warp, fade, or discolor over time. It's rated for temperatures of -90 to up to +200 degrees Fahrenheit. Yukon Trail fiberglass tonneaus offer no drill installation and are guaranteed for life.

  • Hand-Laid Fiberglass Construction: The Yukon Trail hinged tonneau is constructed of hand laid fiberglass cloth that is 3 times stronger than chopped fiberglass and allows for a much better product with even thickness.
  • Carpeted Interior Liner: A carpeted interior liner offers a finished look and hides the covers latches and lock hardware. It also helps protect your cargo from damage  or extreme temperature changes.
  • Smooth Primered Finish: An extra layer of fiberglass is laid so that the surface can be smoothed easier and without blemishes. The satin black primered fiberglass cover can be installed as its or custom paint locally for the best color match and showroom quality shine.
  • Quick and Easy Removal: The Yukon Trail hinged fiberglass cover can be quickly removed by one person in under a minute. This allows for full truck bed access when you need to haul large, oversized cargo.
  • No Drill Install: The Yukon Trail fiberglass tonno offers no drill installation and leaves minimal hardware attached to the truck when the cover is removed.
  • Improve Gas Mileage :  The Yukon Trail fiberglass Tonneau Cover creates better airflow in motion, reducing wid drag, so it can boost your gas mileage by 5-8%


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Hand Laid Fiberglass
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FIBERGLASS LIGHT & TOUGH Hand Laid fiberglass sheeting that’s used on highest quality aircraft and marine applications.

Setting a NEW standard in light weight Tonneau technology - more durable and longer lasting than any ABS plastic cover in the market today!